[GSOC'16]Collective.easyform Development

Hello everyone,

So Finally we got selected as an organization and I am really glad to work on improving the collective.easyform that is the dexterity version of PFG. But still the whole PFG functionalities are not converted into dexterity, still many features are left there. So I did the setup and ran tests and as expected they failed :smiley:

So few of the points that I will like to cover are :-

  1. Make these tests cases first pass for easyforms
  2. Make easyform compatible for plone5.0.1 and plone 5.02
  3. Add more features from PFG to easyform so that it will be more usable.
  4. Write tests, more and more tests!!
  5. Improve documentation of easyform as what I feel is it can be improved more similar to PFG.

I am looking for the modules/parts that are not there in easyform as compared to PFG and I will be back with a list of those modules. Right now these are the things I will like to include in developing easyforms.

I will like to get some guidance on that roadmap. That will be really helpful.


Before adding more features, maybe check that what is there already is working,
As far as I know, these things are not working

• You can not reorder fields (from the UI)
• Changing field widgets gives errors (editing the form itself and saving solves it)
• Looks like the order of the fields in the mailer can not be changed (they are sent in the same order as the fields are in the form)
• Unicode errors if you override fields from the mailer.

I created a working development environment for collective easy forms but I have to update the boostrap.py file (as the current boostrap.py file is causing a lot of version conflicts as it has constrains on version like this is just a snippet

                    setup_args['version'] = '0.6.32' ```   

So I update the boostrap.py and it was running good. Then I did bin/buildout and there are I got few more conflicts error rest are solved but the conflict error related to coverage as here http://pastebin.com/DYKCeP5j are still there so I just comment out the coverage for now and then it ran properly.

So now the first fix should be of coverage as I am using


And also there is a entry in buildouts under [parts] as 
So I can't find the purpose of putting it here as it also caused the error while running buildout so as of now I have commented it too.  So I just want to know how to fix these things as right now I have just commented out the things like coverage and that python-validation-sh. Any idea ?

I'am curious about the state of this project. Any updates?

Prakhar's taking a short break at the moment, but the current focus is on building a migration mechanism for PFG form folders. This will allow site admins to (optionally) migrate all PFG forms to easyform with a report on the details that did not migrate.

Hopefully, more soon!

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