Gsoc 2023 Refactor class components to functional components

Hello everyone,
I want to contribute to Refactor class components to functional components for Gsoc 2023, I have read the project description, and my plone 6 training is almost complete.
Now I will go for volto code architecture to understand this project in more detail, I also have previous experience with React.
Guide me @sneridagh @avimishra18, so I can understand things in more detail about this project.

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I want to contribute, I have sent my contribution agreement to the plone organization, How much it takes to get approved?

There are many members in Plone , they will review your contributor's agreement and will get in touch with you soon

My first pull request got merged, Thanks @ksuess

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hey @Azzam_Uddin, can you please tell me what do we have to write in Program field, in contributors agreement.

@Yahya In the program field, you can write Plone.

I have submitted my proposal, @sneridagh please review it and provide your feedback.

Hi, What should we learn in order to draft a proposal in this idea.
I have some knowledge to react prior.
Can you please guide?

Differences between class-based and function-based components in React, Redux, React-Redux, and plone

I have received the email that I have been removed from the "Plone Foundation" team "Developers".
I am wondering why?
Can anyone please tell me why I have been removed @sneridagh @zopyx @avimishra18 @ksuess @stevepiercy @tiberiuichim

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I have also recieved the email of removal from Developers team.
Please tell the reasons @sneridagh

I don't know anything about removing anyone, I don't have any permissions on this.

Whoever must have done it probably had a good reason, stay tuned and let's see if there's any news on this.

Please, stay tuned for a more detailed announcement soon.


Okay Sir Got it.

I have updated and re-submitted my proposal,
Hey @sneridagh, I know your time is valuable, but if you can take out some time and review my proposal it would be very helpful for me.
Your feedback is very important, I can correct myself if I am going wrong.

Hey Azzam, I asked the same question to him and this is what he replied...