GSoC 2022: Workflow manager, Media Repository

Hey everyone! I am Rakesh Potnuru, CS undergraduate, web developer, technical writer, open-source newbie and community contributor. Recently contributed to backdropCMS to get into open source. Interested to contribute to Plone as part of the GSoC 2022 program.
I would like to contribute to Workflow Manager or Media Repository projects, can anyone help me with the same? (@robgietema )

Thank you.

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Hi Rakesh, great to hear you are interested in join GSoC!

I am sorry to say but the Media Repository is already being worked on for a client project so it has been removed from the project list. We did replace it with a new project: User Management, you can see all the details at if you are interested. For the Workflow Manager we already have a GSoC candidate who is currently making a proposal.

To get started you can download Plone and have look at our training and documentation.

If you have any questions let me know! You can reach me here or on Discord.

Okay @robgietema
I want to contribute to the User management project. Is it available? If yes, I want to make a proposal.

It has just been added, so it's still available. I'm looking forward to your proposal, let me know if you have any questions!

Great! Can you share relevant links, resources, etc... for this project?

The best way to start is by using the above resources to download Plone and have a look at the training and documentation. After that you can have a look at the User Management system of both Volto and the Classic Plone interface and have a look at the differences there.

Pastanaga is the current design we use in Volto and some mockups have been made for the different controlpanels including the User Management.

There's a bit work already done on "Users management" Project. An ideal candidate will be mostly working on Volto controlpanels and plone.restapi. See: Site Setup and explore.

Also look how the controlpanels are registered in Volto. volto/src/components/manage/Controlpanels at master · plone/volto · GitHub

Particularly "Users and Groups". You might also work on "Member Fields" TTW(through-the-web) addition of schema fields. But that can be the extension of this project.

As said, the PR's: frontend: users and restapi:include users in groups can be a great starting point.

All the Best!

okay @nileshgulia1
Thank you.

Hi there, I am Indrakant Dana, CSE junior year undergrad. I would like to contribute to the issues you mentioned above. But, The commits have already been done. So, Can you guide me on this current PR so that I can continue from there?

No its not been done yet. As it's a bit complex project, I suggest you to have a look how users are managed in Plone. The groups relationships and the roles they inhibit.

I suggest you to run Plone and Volto locally and at least go through the training Volto — Plone Training 2022 documentation