GSoC 2022 Greetings: Hope to contribute to the "undo control panel"

I'm so sorry to say hello so late! I am Yongbei Kuang, a sophomore girl. I had been following the Plone community for a few weeks, but had been unable to log in due to difficulties in reactivating my account! With the mentality of trying, I sent an email to the staff, did not expect to get a timely response and help. This really brings my enthusiasm for contributing to the Plone community even further😁.

I am fluent in Python, HTML, CSS, javascript. I'm familiar with react framework. Over the past few weeks, I had studied the training documentation and was now perusing the Plone documentation. I had deployed Plone on my personal server and had created a few simple websites.

I'm interested in the task of making the undo control panel in idea lists, and I've learned about databases in previous courses, and I've done this with SQL statements. However, I am a little puzzled that I am not familiar with Zope management interface, I think I should further understand this aspect🧐.

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