Gsoc 2022 : Customization features in Volto

Hey there, I am Pranay Prajapati and I am currently pursuing computer science engineering. I am really fond of MERN stack development. I have experience with python framework life Django and flask. This year for GSoC 2022 it would be a great opportunity to contribute to the Plone foundation. the idea of Customization features in Volto excites me. and is in my area of interest. I have started diving into the codebase and I want to learn more about this idea, and how I can contribute maximum to this issue. please guide me so I can have a deep understanding of this idea.

Warm regards
Pranay Prajapati

Hi, and welcome!

Volto (and Plone) are documented on There's also Frontend — Plone Documentation v6.0-dev (which is the upcoming documentation website, with the latest info) and several taped trainings on youtube:


Hi sir, I have gone through the documentation and a few youtube videos about Volto. and I have an idea of what it is. as of now, I am planning to dive deep into it. sir, I just wanted to know what feature are we going to customize here.

warm regards

Hi and Welcome to Plone. This is a superset of a bunch of ideas that we have for GSoC. I think it can be removed from the list of ideas. Sorry for confusion.
I suggest you look into the other ideas listed in "The locking controlpanel" seems interesting. Let's start a discussion on a new forum topic, if you're interested.

Meanwhile I suggest you to look how the controlpanels are registered in Volto. volto/src/components/manage/Controlpanels at master · plone/volto · GitHub

and read about the restapi: plone.restapi: A RESTful hypermedia API for Plone. — plone.restapi 1.0a1 documentation

This idea is purged in favour of other listed ideas in

yes sir, No issue. I am happy to work with this issue as well. I am creating a new topic for it.