GSOC 2022: Creating a New Volto Theme

Hi everyone,
I am Animesh Das a pre-final year student at The NorthCap University. I am looking forward to submitting my proposal for creating a new volto theme.

I have a few wireframes ready, I just wanted to ask some questions so that I could improve them.

  1. Will the theme act like a plugin like that in WordPress or would it be revamping of the design?
  2. Are we planning to move towards other fonts, icons, and color grades (in blue itself)
  3. Do we aim to work on the UX as well?

@tkimnguyen it would be really helpful if you can guide me through the same.Meanwhile, I'll share my wireframes in the Thread.
It would also be nice if you can share a sample proposal that plone might be expecting else I'll go with the general format by GSOC.