GSoC 2022 Contribution/ Create a new Plone classic theme

Hello Everyone, I'm Abhay Trivedi, a computer engineering student with some knowledge of the MERN stack. I'm interested in contributing to the Plone foundations for GSoC 2022 and further. I would like to contribute to the Create a new Plone classic theme project. Can anyone guide me on how to start contributing and what would be the steps I need to follow? And some ideas for the project as well that I might want to know.
Thanks for the support!

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I have gone through training and classic UI documentation. Can anyone guide me further with the proposal for the classic UI theme idea? Like what needs to be done and what should be the timelines. what files need to be changed and how exactly does the theming need to be done... like do I have to include the components as it is or use custom CSS to make them look Plone like?

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thanks @AbhayTrivedi – the idea here is to find a few nice looking themes e.g. on or among free themes for Wordpress, and turn them into Plone themes, Diazo themes in the case of Plone Classic.

Have you looked at the theming training at Plone 6 Classic UI Theming — Plone Training 2022 documentation ?

Yeah @tkimnguyen, I have gone through this training. So in this project, we have to Diazo theme as the classic theme, right? and what should be the milestones and things needed to be done for this (asking to make a proposal for the same).