GSoc 2019: Angular CMS frontend library


The Angular CMS frontend library will implement the entire Plone UI as Angular components.

It should cover the same features as Volto ( toolbar, content editing, sharing, folder view, etc.

The main objective is to allow to create a custom site theme on top of it easily. Therefore, it must be a library that can be added as a dependency in a regular Angular project, and the developer can override any view or component in a simple way.



  • be able to develop with TypeScript and Angular 2+
  • be able to implement a consistent UI providing a lot a user interactions


Eric Bréhault


The purpose is to offer an alternative to the React implementation provided by Volto.
Not because Volto is bad (which is not), but just because the frontend community is diverse and it would be a strength for Plone/Guillotina to cover several major frontend frameworks.