GSoC 2018 Ideas: plone.restapi



Create a Django Rest Framework like browserable API for plone.restapi

  • First Task: Familiarize yourself with browsable Django Rest Framework API, with plone.restapi and React forms
  • LEVEL: mid (React and REST knowledge)
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What's the status of this project?
I am familiar with restapis and plone.restapi. Also have some experience with django rest framework and react.

We are looking for developers who would like to work on the projects listed above (or that come up with their own GSoC projects).

I am Shaddy Garg, a sophomore at IIT Roorkee. I have experience in developing web applications using the python frameworks, Django and DjangoRestFramework and javascript frameworks, Angular and React. I find your project interesting and would like to participate in GSoC with this project. How do I proceed further?

Did you look into the ideas that I outlined above? Which one would be interesting for you? DRF is a good basis. Do you have experience with ReactJS? If so the browsable API could be interesting for you.

Yes, I had a look into the ideas and the project with browsable api seems interesting. How should I proceed further?

You could start to write down what kind of functionality you could imagine to implement. Looking at Django Rest Framework might be a good starting point for that.

Then you could look into writing a small PoC prototype (maybe in React) to show some basic interaction with the REST API.

Those two things would be a good base for a GSoC proposal.

My 20 cents:

Hope someone can continue this work, since I have other priorities now.

@tisto. Is plone.restapi a part of gsoc 2019 ?

If there is a student who is willing to work on this and submits a promising proposal then yes.

@tisto. I have been reading the documentation and found it really interesting. Can you please tell me how to proceed further ?