GSOC 2018 Ideas: Automatic anchors

Just submitted my GSoC proposal on this 'Editor Improvements' Idea. This discussions indeed helped me. Thanks for all the support provided by Community. Hope it goes well.

@cewing I think that there were a typo in mentors list of this proposal, because there were my name :wink:
I removed it on page

@cekk hope while evaluation of proposal they dont mark an error for mentioning you as mentor for the project in my proposal.

@cekk, Must have been a mis-translation from some other project. I remember you being involved in one of them. Apologies. And no worries, that list is not by any means final, but only a list of possible community members. I swear I won't sign you up without asking.

@Maitreya, do not worry, that's not the kind of thing we grade on when choosing proposals to accept.

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