GSoC 2018 Aspirant | Introduction

Hello everyone,
My Name is Hitesh Roy. Currently, I am in my 3rd year of 4-year engineering course.I live in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. I am very much interested in participating in GSoC 2018 and I found Plone having many interesting projects.
Currently, my skill set contains knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Angular 2,4, C, C++ and basic Python.
Primarily I am looking for a web application/ website development kind of Project using various frameworks of JavaScript like Angular and React. But I can even work on Python and contribute to the Plone Community.
Looking for some guidance to help get me started.
Thank You!

@hiteshpr please see this thread What to do for gsoc 2018

Welcome :slight_smile: And I'd add that we are eager to have newcomers who are willing to learn and help us with our JS front end projects. There are several, which you'll find if you search here for "gsoc", related to both Angular and React.

This is a post from last year that is still relevant: How to start contributing to Plone

I am Mritunjay goutam. I am student of computer science and engineering. I do code in css,html,javascript. For frontend Vuejs,Angularjs and for backend nodejs. I have gone through 2018 idea discussion page and I find some are interesting.looking for advice for what to do next.
Mritunjay goutam.

Hello sir I am Rishabh. I am a newbie and I want to learn and contribute.
Please Guide me. Thanks

Hello everyone, I am Sumedh Nimkarde, 3rd year undergrad student from Surat, India. I would love to contribute. I heard of Plone and the projects pretty much impressed me. Any tips before I start my contribution?

Go through that :point_up_2:
You'll find all your answers.