GSoC-2016 : Interested in Project : DateTime with datetime

Hello All,
I am Utsav Chokshi [irc:utsav_chokshi]. I am currently pursuing Masters in Computer Science & Engineering(CSE) from International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad [IIIT-H], India.I am interested in contributing to Plone Core Development as part of GSoC-2016.
I have very good familiarity with python and working with large code. I would like to work on idea 'Replace DateTime with datetime' as it matches with my skill-set.
I have successfully installed Plone 5.0.2 on my laptop and currently going through following training material :
Idea suggests to make some fixes to core Plone. So Can someone point me in a right direction for getting started with bug fixing with core Plone ?
Some more guidance and suggestion for working on mentioned idea would be great.
Utsav Chokshi

I would start by getting the core buildout installed (buildout.coredev). There are details here: . Expect to spend as much as 1/2 a day doing this (depending on your bandwidth).