Grafana dashboards?

Hi all,

our host providers installed a grafana instance for us with nice graphs and metrics about all our servers (cpu, ram and the usual stuff), as well as some front end specific metrics (nginx + varnish + haproxy).

I'm aware of collective.zperfmetrics:

As far as I see this patching the request to get some performance metrics out of it and eventually plot that in grafana.

On grafana they have the concept of dashboards, pre-built graphs that show an overview for a specific topic.

Did anyone create a generic grafana dashboard that could be shared? I'm about to create one and I would love to hear from others experiences.

On their dashboard browser (see previous link) there is no plone related one, so that could be interesting to have as a marketing tool :slight_smile:

If my attempt works, I will try to make something reusable and share it there.