Google Summer of Code student introduction

Hello Plone developers

My name is Victor and I'm from Almería (Spain). This is my 4th year and last year of the Computer Engineering Degree here (they last 4 year) and although the main language in my degree is Java I'm a huge fan of Python. This is also my first year in the GSoC program and for the reasons mentioned above I want to collaborate with some project related to python, in this case Plone can be a great place!

I've been developing python since Dec 14' aprox and Django since March 15'. It has been mainly for pet projects, university projects and other stuff. I have participate in numerous courses in Udacity and other online platforms to improve my python and django skills. I have read some it books also. I'm working part-time as a Laravel developer right now and I use python for deploy scripts and some administration task automation. I'm giving a talk about 'Introduction to Python' in the university to help other classmates introduce to the language.

I'll list my 'skills' here, most of then are basic but I hope they can help you understand my background.

  • Python
  • HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JS (not a big fan of JS) giving a try to ReactJS (minimal)
  • Python unittest, Selenium
  • Django, Flask and SQLalchemy (a little)
  • Git, Subversion
  • Redmine, Slack
  • Jenkins
  • Ubuntu server, apache, nginx, mySQL,

My common development environment is Linux Mint, Atom and the terminal! I'm trying to introduce Vagrant to my stack lately.

If you have taken the time to read this post, thank you very much. I would really appreciate if anyone could give me some advice about what project of Plone fits my background knowledge the best and help build a great application for it.

Thank you in advance!

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So the community is sometimes silent in response to student introductions, so let me say... on the community's behalf. Welcome! There are a couple threads in the forum now related to GSOC so browser around.

Hi Victor, and welcome,

Since you seem to be more a backend person than a frontend person, I guess you should have a look to the following projects:

  • Content import/export
  • eBook content export
  • Better GenericSetup handlers
  • Python3.5 support
  • Make HTTPRequest behave more like its WebOb counterpart
  • Remove the ZServer dependency
  • Replace DateTime with datetime

The 2 first ones are about building new features, and the other ones are more about the inner mechanisms of Plone, so it depends on what you prefer.

I can talk to you about the first one (Content import/export) as I proposed to mentor it: at the moment importing or exporting Plone contents implies developer skills. We want to implement a feature to allow regular users to import/export their contents easily.
To serialize/deserialize contents, we plan to use plone.restapi which is a new component we are actively working on.
I think it can be an interesting project as it will bring an important new feature and it will also be connected to the most modern Plone evolutions.

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