Giving up TTW Theming in Plone 6 Classic-UI

I doubt that is possible. A fragment tile is XML (schema) which can be copied from Dexterity editor, a 'standard py file' and a standard (TAL) file. All of them can be edited TTW and new can be added on a running site.

By the way: I keep all my fragment tiles in all themes, but hide them in manifest.cfg. So if I need a fragment I have made before, I can just enable it.

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I watched the next.js conf keynote this morning, was held/recorded in October. What you see very clearly there is that the high code Developer UX experience is open source. And that the 'low code' feedback / PM/UX/designer tools are subscription / commercial based. (next.js 'live') Similar story 2+ years ago with the Gatsby live preview.

I don't think there are any great low code open source platforms [edit: anymore], for the same reason that there is no feedback mechanism built into the Plone Community: It is almost impossible to make a business case out of this if you don't charge money for all the work surrouding the TTW product. Otherwise it is not sustainable.

The TTW feedback loop is between Plone integrators and their customers end users if/when the customer wants TTW functionality of if the integrator has time/speed/efficiency benefits. But then the integrator becomes the end user and you have low code platforms like Wix, Mendix, etc.


yes exactly. Anything I can do as an integrator to make non technical customers do themselves is going to cost more form them and for me to implement and potentially make me less money short term. Long term a simple to understand low code system would only make money from hosting not from consulting so further doesn't benefit integrators. It could make Plone more popular by allowing people in organisaations to get more done without consultants which eventually grows the pie for everyone but then again it might not? And perhaps there are other ways make it popular while keeping it complex enough for integrators to make money?
In fact I'd go further and say there aren't many community open source platforms with great UX for similar reasons. It requires UX people to tell developers what to do and to ignore developer intuition of making something more complicated. and that can only come from a top down organisation.

I see the use case, but this also leads to sitting on your tiles (fragments, schemas, python), having real tile packages published would be my goal to grow whats posible together. I knwo quite some people are out there using Mosaic tiles or fragments a lot but only inside there projects.

Your use case will still work, but will be a bit more work to do the update i guess.
But at the end all whats needed there is a way to add the files and point to them from the manifest file. Not sure if this should even live inside the theme. But we have resource folder i the Plone already for long, it's only that there is not generic UI to manage the files in there. It was build inside the theme editor. If someone will build a new editor or filemanger, i would suggest that it wil be generic and a real replaceplent for portal_skins.

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