Getting worklists for other users

I just want to make sure I am correct that the worklists, and the API provided by CMFPlone/WorkflowTool is only built to work for the current authenticated user. Is there an existing API for getting the worklist of another user? This came up from a client request where they wanted notification when something enters their worklist and include a list of all other content in their worklist. As far as I can tell, I would have to do this by checking permission/role/etc on the objects to match the conditions of the worklists - not a big deal for just the currently changed object, but impractically costly for getting all content that might be in their worklists.

Almost surely, you are correct: it is extremely rare that someone wants to see work items he cannot perform.

The worklists are implemented by catalog searches. Thus, in principle, you can use (slightly different) catalog searches to find work to be done by other persons -- look at the worklist implementation for details.