Getting rid of ZODBMountPoint.MountedObject during migration from Zope 2 to Zope 4

This is what zodbverify says when I do migration by the book (keeping Python 2 for now):

 ImportError: No module named ZODBMountPoint.MountedObject: 1
 ImportError: No module named SiteErrorLog.SiteErrorLog: 2
 ImportError: No module named Product: 1

It seems to be caused by the temp_folder and error_log objects from Zope 2. The problem is that deleting the broken objects in Zope 4 and doing a pack does not remove those warnings. And temp_folder cannot be deleted in Zope 2. The warning about ZODBMountPoint.MountedObject stays whatever I do. Should I just ignore it?

This is caused by missing products TemporaryFolder and SiteErrorLog. But the maintainers of the Sessions product advise against using TemporaryFolder with Zope 4 (see /project/Products.Sessions/ on pypi, I can't link it yet).

Does anybody know whether this is still good advice?

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