Getting an error while creating a volto project

Hello, I am getting an error while creating a new volto project. I have successfully installed yo and @plone/generator-volto using 'npm install -g yo @plone/generator-volto'. But when running 'yo @plone/volto' command it shows this error
Getting latest Volto version
Using latest released Volto version: 16.14.0
Retrieving Volto's yarn.lock
Error @plone/volto

Can anybody help?

Can you share some more information like did you run any command before that or after just running this command you got this error?

'npm install -g yo @plone/generator-volto' after running this command, I ran 'yo @plone/volto' this command and got the error, which I have mentioned above. Apart from that, I haven't ran any other command.

looks like it's related to your TCP/IP connection. Did you try using a different server for ISP? Also which node version are you using?

I tried using a VPN and it worked. Thanks a lot nileshgulia1

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