Get the url of the default view of a folder


I've a folder with a default view. For example:

this folder has a page as a default view. I would like to call a view on this page using something like:

I wouldn't like to name the id of the default page in the url like:

so I can change the default page and links from outside still works.

Can Plone do this?

Note sure if I understand, but if a folder (or similar) has a default page set, you can see this in /manage_main as 'default_page'.

So, you can check if 'default_page' exists and use it to construct an URL

There is also an index: is_default_page which tells you if an item is the default page.

Thanks. There's also a @@default_page view but it is not callable

the BrowserView @@default_page has only 2 attributes: isDefaultPage and getDefaultPage wich are wrappers for the utilities here Products.CMFPlone/ at master · plone/Products.CMFPlone · GitHub ...