FWT Meeting minutes 2019-11-26


  • Rodrigo
  • Maik
  • Chrissy
  • Alessandro
  • Eric (Steele)
  • Eric (Brehault)


Team members

Gil and Jens resigned. We thanks them very much for their service!

Rodrigo and Maik joined the team. We are very pleased to welcome them!

Plone 6 roadmap

Our objective is to release Plone 6 as soon as possible.

Hence we should focus on stabilizing it.

Our upcoming efforts will be dedicated to cleaning up Plone 6 and shipping Volto in it.

For any future PLIP we will receive, we will try to identify if it does not endanger the stability of Plone 6, and if it seems to be the case, the PLIP will be pushed to Plone 6.1.

For any future PLIP, the implementer will be free to decide if she/he will implement the UI changes in Volto, in the classical UI, or in both, unless the FWT identifies the lack of the corresponding feature in one of the UI as a major risk.

PLIP workflow

Until now, the FWT was only accepting PLIPs if they had an implementer.

Some people have interesting ideas but not the requested time or technical skills to implement it.

We want to value those idea.

The FWT will now decide to validate (or reject) PLIPs even if they do not have any implementer or any proposed implementation description.

Those PLIPs will be marked with a specific GitHub tag so they can be easily found (for instance when running a sprint, people might look for sprint topics and want to make sure their efforts are invested in a feature valuable for Plone).

Once the implementation will be defined, the FWT will give (or not) its approval, as it used to in the previous workflow.

We will use a specific GitHub tag (and related column in Project view) to identify those PLIPs.

Plone 6 Kick Off Sprint, Bonn


It has been declared strategic by the FWT.


Backport the CastleCMS "Add" dialog

The PLIP is approved. We suggest this new feature can be enabled/disabled using a control panel option.

This PLIP needs an implementer.

Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in 4 weeks (2020-01-07).

Please do not just introduce tags labels in the wild. The current tag system offers free tags prefixed with 99 tag: .... I changed the tag to match this.

Furthermore, any reason not to take the existing 31 needs: help? It was invented for exact such case. Together with 03 type: feature (plip) it gets quite distinct.
Also it would help to add a 4x lvl: ... tag to roughly indicate the needed skills.