FWT meeting minutes 2016-12-06


Gil Forcada
Ramon Navarro Bosch
Eric Bréhault
Franco Pellegrini

###Cleanup and enhance icon and thumb aspects

=> The implementation is almost done, but @fgrcon needs help with the tests.

###Bring collective.contentrules.mailtogroup into Plone core
All the contributors gave their explicit permissions. The PLIP is approved.

##PLIPs documentation
We should start using our release notes pages, i.e https://plone.org/download/releases/5.0.6 as a way to communicate which are the biggest changes on a given release, not only through the major changes on each distribution, but specially regarding PLIPs. I see it two fold:
After the PLIP has been accepted we clearly ask the PLIP implementers to write some high-level details of the PLIP on a pull request in documentation repo, i.e. docs.plone.org, that should be merged together with the code on the branch targeted by the PLIP (needs coordination with the docs team about the best structure on where to put it)
After a PLIP is merged a brief description of it is added on a page in plone.org (needs coordination for permissions)

##Discussion about Mosaic
We want to move Mosaic in the core at some point. One question is about the UI changes it implies.
We need to involve Rob in the discussion.
CastleCMS offers a nice approach, it might be an inspiration (and by the way, are there other parts of CastleCMS we want to move in core?).

#Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2016-12-20).

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yes, the toolbar…

toolbar and maybe trash

I was not aware of the trash can… absolutely.

I believe they improve how content can be created by allowing you to sepecify the location rather than having to navigate to it.
I'm not sure if castle fixes this, but I still get so many support requests about breaking sites due to the display menu not being obvious what it does - ie this bug - https://github.com/plone/Products.CMFPlone/issues/704