Framework team meeting minutes 2017-03-21


Eric Steele
Jens Klein
Gil Forcada


  • Retina #1483: We have 2 reviews and decided the PLIP is ready fo merge. Jens will merge it. This will go into 5.1.

  • Registry Improvements #1484: From code POV ready for merge. Blocker: It needs documentation before we merge. @vangheem are you able to document it or help a volunteer to get the bits together? Volunteers for documentation please speak up, this is an easy task.

  • We discussed also short Resource registry improvements #1955 - but we need to take more time and need more people including @thet as the author of the draft.


  • We discussed short on how to proceed with Zope4:

    • Keep PLIP job in sync with Zope4 development (Jens task at Zope resurrection sprint in Halle, Gil tries to attend remote and help too).
    • Merge PLIP changes back into Plone 5.1 coredev where possible.
    • Update ZODB to latest. After work done by Jim Fulton (see ZODB mailing list) Plone 5.1 coredev can be updated to work with latest ZODB w/o backward compatibility problems. This needs a short PLIP. Help here would be appreciated!

#Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2017-04-04).

I'll ask Nathan tomorrow to help me get those docs written.

Working on these docs at the moment!

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They are done! Various registry improvements by vangheem · Pull Request #15 · plone/ · GitHub

You can see them better at

Thanks @tkimnguyen! And ... merged!

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I feel like I got away with something :slight_smile: