Framework team meeting minutes 2017-03-07


Eric Steele
Jens Klein
Gil Forcada
Franco Pelligrini
Ramon Navarro Bosch
Nathan Vangheem
Eric Bréhault

  • Retina #1483: almost ready to merge, Jens will finish the review, we plan to release it in 5.1
  • Icons and thumbs #1734: also almost ready to merge, but we have test isolation issues, Eric will work on it. We also plan to release it 5.1.

Plone RESTAPI was one of the subject of the Beethoven sprint (we have now full schema, including form related aspects, and framing is almost fine).
We decided to use the Plone API in plone.restapi (even this package will end up in core, it will never be used in core packages, so there is no risk of circular dependency).

#Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2017-03-21).