Framework team meeting minutes 2016-11-08


Gil Forcada
Jens Klein
Ramon Navarro Bosh
Eric Bréhault


New team member

We are glad to welcome Gil Forcada in the Framework Team. As Gil is already involved in the Testing Team and the Release, it might be too much work. So he will participate to the next meetings for a month or two, and then he will apply officially if he think he can handle it.

Note: we discussed during the last conference about rotating participations between the different technical teams, and Gil being in the FWT is the first occurence.


###Make use of JSON in GenericSetup

We need more information about the implementation.

Cleanup and enhance icon and thumb aspects

Very interesting. And it could be a nice first step before moving to SVG icons.
Not enough votes today, postponed to next meeting.

Be able to require SSL

We need more information about the implementation

Remove support for old style resource registries in Plone 5.1

This PLIP is approved but we need candidates to implement it :slight_smile:

Bring collective.contentrules.mailtogroup into Plone core

We need more information (see the issue comments) and we need to check if there is no license issue.

Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2016-11-22).