Framework Team meeting minutes 2016-07-05


Johannes Raggam
Eric Bréhault
Jens Klein
Ramon Navarro Bosch
Franco Pellegrini
Eric Steele
Philip Bauer


Review state of current PLIPs

If needed assign champions or reviewers to
Submitted PLIPS
Approved PLIPS
In-progress PLIPs

We approved "Reset define in RequireJS after bundles loaded "

We approved "Easily change default search order"

We added to submitted state "Restructure CMFPlone static resources"

We added to submitted state "Remove from core"

We send "Get rid of portal_quickinstaller" under review

On going PLIPs:

  • Retina image scales: progressing nicely, need some polishing
  • Remove quick_installer: works nice, Franco will run few more tests


The experimental work about Angular 2 Plone client on top of the REST API initiated at the Barcelona sprint has been presented to the Angular 2 leaders.
They are very interested in this initiative, and they proposed to participate to the Angular 2 Frameworks Team meetings.
Those meetings allows Angular 2 major users (like Ionic for instance) to exchange ideas with the Angular 2 framework authors.
We will set up a rotation in order to represent Plone in this team (for now, Ramon participated to the first meeting, Eric B will participate to the next one, and of course anybody else is welcome).

#Next meeting
Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2016-07-19).