Framework team meeting minutes - 2016-03-15


Eric Steele
Eric Bréhault
Timo Stollenwerk
Ramon Navarro Bosch
Jens Klein
Philip Bauer (observer)


##5.1 branches
PR are still accepted on 5.0 if bug fixes.
Any new feature goes to 5.1.
Make branches for 5.0 on the packages if necessary (follow semantic versioning).

##PLIP Process / FWT Responsibilities

  • PLIP process is defined here: Question: Is that still accurate? => Yes
  • A PLIP is approved for merge after a review by the FWT:
    • We will get back to doing reviews and publish them on github.
    • We merge only after a review has been published
    • Use the status worksheet in the future: reviewed -> ready to merge
  • What are the responsibilities of the FWT that goes beyond voting, deciding what changes needs to be PLIPed and reviewing PLIPs?
    • None (except the responsibilities as regular core developers)
    • Responsibilities of the FWT: Decide what changes require a PLIP, decide which PLIPs are accepted, review PLIPs
  • What are the responsibilities of the release manager?
    • Responsibilities of the release manager: Keeping the FWT on track, scheduling releases, finally deciding what goes into releases, doing the actual releases, cutting branches
    • Responsibilities of the release team: support the release manager in making releases, make sure that coredev best practices have been followed before making releases. If in doubt when decisions need to be made, ask release manager.
  • When do we actually deny a PLIP? How much percent do we need to accept a PLIP?
    => a PLIP is accepted with 50% + 1 or 75 % (we will vote on this next FWT meeting)
  • How many FWT members need to vote on a PLIP for a valid vote? => 50% + 1

Look up the old PLIP review template and make it available as a Github template
Decide on the place to publish the PLIP reviews => Add it to github issue.
Make final decisions regarding voting process on the next FWT meeting

#Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2016-03-29).