Framework team meeting minutes - 2016-02-02


Philip Bauer
Eric Bréhault
Jens Klein
Ramon Navarro
Franco Pellegrini
Eric Steele
Nathan Vangheem

Note: Philip Bauer, who is the Board contact person for the FWT, will be invited to the FWT meetings.

##Meta-bundles PLIP
by Eric Bréhault
The PLIP is approved.

##A direct link from a group name on Sharing tab to that group's member list
by Rikupekka Oksanen
The PLIP is approved.
Eric B champions the PLIP

##Get rid of portal_quickinstaller
by Maurits van Rees
Note: in Plone 5.1+, as it is a minor release, we will just deprecate portal_quickinstaller and we will not use anymore.We will remove it for Plone 6.0. Needs review if this is already so or work need to be done.
The PLIP is approved.
Franco champions the PLIP.

##Portal actions control panel
by Eric Bréhault

The PLIP is approved.
Nathan champions the PLIP

##assimilate collective.indexing
by Gil Forcada

Almost finished during the Alpine sprint.
The vote is postponed to next meeting.

##Zope 4 / Update Dependencies
by Johannes Raggam
No backward compatibility issues identified (but the sorting by modification date in the ZMI) so it is considered acceptable for a minor release (5.x serie).
The vote is postponed to next meeting.

Pending PLIPs/PR on Github

Nathan will have a look to the existing PLIPs listed in Github, the ones without seconder will be closed and might be re-opened if the submitter wants to.

Old PR gets closed with a note “If you care about it please reopen.” (Jens will do)

#Next meeting
Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2016-02-16).

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