Framework team meeting minutes 2015-09-15


Johannes Raggam
Jens W. Klein
Timo Stollenwerk
Nathan Vangheem
Eric Bréhault
Roel Bruggin
Ramon Navarro Bosch
Eric Steele


LDAP support on Plone 5
Upcoming Release
Upcoming Conference

##LDAP support on Plone 5 does not work on Plone 5.
2 PRs have been merged
whats left? -> not part of the core but important.
Check how ploneintranet uses LDAP with Plone 5.
##Upcoming Release
Plone 5 won’t be released on the previously-announced 15th of September date.
The Munich sprint is a good opportunity to clean up the last bugs (mainly UI related). Important to stress that this isn’t a fundamental issue with the codebase. We’re fixing smaller bugs, completing documentation.
Two blockers:

  • the upgrade guide => Timo will work on the control panel upgrade guide.
  • the features list => Eric will ask Kim about the list he was building few months ago

Anything left to do for FWT? -> no FWT work, help with feature list appreciated (ask esteele)

Linkintegrity sneaked in out of the process (see plip spreadsheet) - doacracy vs. processes? -> its ok in this case for FWT, but we have to rework the whole plip process. Contribution is probably too difficult because of current process.
Maybe better to work out at conference/sprint, we need to improve transparency.

Looking forward to 5.1 -> start discussion officially, more frequent releases, set a time when we plan to release it.
##Upcoming Conference:
###FWT nominations
Plone conferences are great occasions to invite/nominate FWT members, if there is a reason to do so.
###FWT culture

  • meet at conference and talk
  • Let’s revive the tradition to have a FWT dinner with old, current and new FWT members. We have to organize it in time.
  • Transparency: Talk/Lightning Talk about FWT Team

##Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2015-09-29).

Thanks for sharing and caring about transparency!

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