Framework team meeting minutes - 2015-07-07


Ramon Navarro
Roel Bruggink
Eric Bréhault
Timo Stollenwerk
Jens W. Klein


Timo reviewed it. No PLIP process needed, the merge is confirmed.


Merging is approved.

Define extra member properties TTW

Ramon reviewed, the feature is good, the code looks solid. One issue: does it work with LDAP?
Eric will test that. After that, we will merge.
Note: it implies to merge 2 secondary PRs: +

Join Plone 5 issues on github issue tracker with milestones

jens prepared a small script with the labels
We need to decide which packages will be involved in it.
To be discussed at the Anniversary sprint (Timo + Roel).
Base for this Discussion can be the thread here: Better labels for all core packages - Jens tries to prepare a new RFC based on the current discussion.

Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks 2015-07-21). Eric Bréhault is doing the invitations.
Eric Bréhault will push the meeting minutes to

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Just one note regarding the extra member properties TTW. We need to fix the test failures and test isolation problems before we can merge.