Framework team meeting minutes 2015-06-09


  • Timo Stollenwerk
  • Roel Bruggink
  • Eric Bréhault
  • Jens Klein
  • Ramon Navarro Bosch


Review last meeting deliverables

  • review pull request + Write PLIP to get rid of folderlisting => postponed (Johannes not here)
  • reviewing plone.behavior (Ramon) => everything works, good features, test ok. Not enought FWT members have voted. Actions: EVERYBODY: vote. Eric S: is it possible to merge in Plone 5?
  • Define extra member properties TTW => See below.
  • Join Plone 5 issues on github issue tracker with milestones (Timo) => postpone to next meeting
  • FWT IRC Channel (Jens) => postpone to next meeting

PLIP#13350 Define extra member properties TTW

All points raised in Franco's review have been fixed (last bug, test, doc).
Remaining problem: there is a test isolation problem when running bin/alltests. Conflicts are coming from
Ready to be merged after testing issue has been solved.
We need a second review => Ramon will do it
Eric needs to make the decision if this goes into Plone 5.


  • Review by Ramon
  • Decision by Eric S

PLIP#20256 Add social media settings control panel

PLIP Process/Review/Documentation?

There has been some frustration about this PLIP.
It has been reviewed by several FWT members, it has been detailed by Nathan during the last meeting, and then it has been merged.
Maybe the process has been clear enough. We should make it more transparent, so everybody can be comfortable with it.

At the Anniversary sprint, FWT members should take a moment to write down our process.

Closing down

All tickets have been closed or deprecated, and moved to Github when appropriate.
Roel will find a way to move the PLIPs to Github, and then close

Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2015-06-23). Eric B is doing the invitations.
Eric B will push the meeting minutes to community.

If any of you Framework team compadres want to jump in and add to this Plone 5 human-readable-release-notes :slight_smile: please do... The Plone Launch Team needs this high level list of new! improved! features shipping with P5. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Kim
I think we should mention the new member fields management tool. This screencast is quite old (the page layout has changed), but it gives you a pretty good idea of what it does

We are not 100% sure today it will be in 5.0 (let's say that's 95% sure for now), so I will add it to the list once the final decision is made.


Thanks Eric! Why don't you go ahead and add it to the list at the bottom under a "likely" section?


Good idea. I have just did.

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