Framework team meeting minutes - 2015-04-28


Johannes Raggam
Roel Bruggink
Eric Steele
Eric Bréhault
Ramon Navarro
Timo Stollenwerk
Jens Klein
Franco Pelligrini


  • Review last meeting deliverables
  • Sorrento recap and proceedings
  • - Collection support
  • Communicate about the FWT process
  • The “Cross-Functional Plone 5 Release Team”

##Review last meeting deliverables

  • social media PLIP => 2 reviewers (Johannes, Eric B.)
  • PLIP 14929 (Use lxml cleaner for safehtml transforms) acceptation => there is a GSoC project

##Sorrento recap and proceedings

“Plone 2020” discussion was continued, some consensus reached on how Plone should proceed. Communications with the Zope community are ongoing. We’ll share more when we can. - Collection support

Johannes added a @@contentlisting view with support for Folder types and Collection types and wants to deprecate @@folderListing. There is a pull request:
Question was: Do we need to discuss this, is there a PLIP needed (deprecation of @@folderListing), or can this just be merged?

Further ideas: Maybe the contentlisting can even be used by the (already refactored) listing views in Maybe the ContentListItem accessor pattern can be used instead of’s accessor pattern?


  • Review pull request (no PLIP needed)
  • Write PLIP to get rid of folderlisting

##Communicate about the FWT process

The FWT team page is out of date. People should be able to know who’s on the team!

FWT members should provide a Photo and a short description. FWT page is made of individual members personal information, so this info can be updated by each one themselves.

FWT meeting minutes must be pushed to the community (the link mentionned here is out of date).

We want to publish the FWT minutes on We also need to publish old FWT protocols there. Eric Bréhault is publishing this time.
We might need a TODO list for the FWT meeting process, on how to lead this meeting. Inviting people, creating the FWT protocol from the template, copying over the finished protocol to
The FWT process tasks are assigned each time to someone else in the FWT.


  • Eric Steele updates the FWT members list
  • Eric Brehault Pushes the FWT protocol to

##The “Cross-Functional Plone 5 Release Team”

We’re in the process of setting up a team to handle the non-code aspects of Plone 5 -- documentation, installers, training, communications, marketing. Invitations have gone out, first meeting TBD.

##Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2015-05-12). Eric Bréhault is doing the invitations.