Foundation Membership committee meeting, 2018-02-01

The Foundation Membership committee met via Hangout on 2018-02-01.


  • Érico Andrei, co-chair
  • Philip Bauer
  • Andy Leeb
  • Nejc Zupan
  • William Fennie
  • T. Kim Nguyen, co-chair
  • Peter Holzer
  • Asko Soukka (joined late)


  • We have 74 active members, 140 emeritus
  • Some notable persons let their membership lapse. What can we improve in this process of renewal to reduce the number of expiries. Why are people missing it? Should we change the email subject line, for example?
  • If Pyramid becomes part of the PF, we would get half of emeritus members back
  • Review of 3 membership candidate applications.
  • Kim to fix committee permissions problems viewing applications on, inject profile info into membership view.
  • Committee members to Identify new membership candidates
  • We need to communicate better with Foundation members, use them as ambassadors, bring new people in, ask them to identify new sponsorship candidates
  • Ask emeritus members why they moved away from Plone, what can Plone do better
  • Agreed that membership application Merit information is only a snapshot in time, not suitable for public viewing. Can we use profiles of well known emeritus members to bring more attention or interest to Plone? Develop the Plone brand as more than just Plone-the-software, as a proving ground for good people: developers, designers, organizers, leaders

Next Meeting
Will be in 2 months