Foundation Board Minutes April 25, 2019

Meeting called to order at 20:00 UTC

Present: Chrissy, Kim, Carol, Alex, Erico

Absent: Paul (excused), Victor (excused)

Approval of the minutes of April 11, 2019
Erico moved to approve, Alexander seconded

Unanimously Approved
Action Items

All return later

Incoming Correspondence
Buschenschanksprint funding request Johannes Raggam
Erico motioned to approve $2000 USD Second by Kim
Unanimously approved

New Business
* Trademark Renewal - Table until next meeting
* Zope CLA Process - short term solution is that those licenses get sent to, so that Andy Leeb & Paul Roeland can then add the people to the current zope org on
* Google Season of Docs - more info to come.
* World Plone Day - Erico helping with organization.
* Date May 20, 2019 - Please organize a local event.

Continued Business

GSoC - PSF reviewing applications for their available slots.
PyCon Prep - Booth sign up happening, shirts and swag ordered
EuroPython Prep - Plone has a stand. Paul and Calvin to work
Zope Foundation status update - Kim following up Matthew on question.

Review Ongoing

Trademark watch - Erico to review week of 4/29
Membership committee  -
    Erico working on more applicants
    Erico to work on communication of why to join the Foundation.
AI Sprint discussion from Sorrento - more details to come from Sven, Paul & Erico

Erico moved to adjourn, Carol seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 20:42 UTC