Folder items rename add-on?

Is there any add-on to rename folder items (or collection items)?

I have many folders with ±1000 images with names like '75px Something', and another 1000 with names like '20a Some Image', '3 Somename' and another 1000 with 'Something.png' or 'something.jpg'. And some other folders of Excel / Word docs.

Probably, I would like to rename thing this way:

a) Move the number last or
b) Remove [number]px
c) remove .jpg/png

PS: I could script it, but I would like to do it 'on folders so I can check before go'.

You can also use exportimport to export the folder, update the json, upload it to see how it would like and then switch folders. It depends on how much folders you have.

Would be nice to have it as an add-on, so it can (easily) be used again. Or maybe a EasyForm script so one could choose items.

I will try to make it, right now I am stuck at regex, how to replace ([0-])\ (.*) with \2 \1 in python

UPDATE: I will put my code here.

UPDATE2: I got around the unicode regex problem by using ASCII field instead of TextLine field. Could maybe be a problem if you want to replace special characters.

Currently, I am using a portlet which I will put on folder root and then just go to the folders where I want to search / replace the (image) names.

First steps. Can mess up your site do don't even think of using it on a 'real site'.

You might want to check GitHub - collective/collective.searchandreplace
There was also rt.bulkmodify which has support for regular expressions.

But collective.searchandreplace works only on the content if I remember correctly, not on the id. Or?

Hmm would be a nice but potentially very dangerous add’on. And a bit niche/specific use case.

And has some edge cases. You might not want the modification date changed. And no redirects created.

Looks like what I was after.
It did not install on python 3, so I will probably use the add-on I made for this site.

If I get the time I might try to upgrade bulkomodify to Python3