First time user feedback

I've just started using Plone and im impressed about the possibilities and like working with it so far.
But I have some suggestions that may be helpful, you can find them below.

Hard to find

Add it on the Get Involved page under Contribute>Community>Suggestions, Feedback etc.

Hard to find documentation on how to install Plone for Windows.

Make a quick install guide for a basic setup for windows.

For example:

Download Plone
Install Plone
Type in the browser
Follow the onscreen instructions
You should have succesfully installed plone and you can now see your plone panel

The link to download Plone for Windows is broken.

Link location:
Download & extend
Download Plone
Download plone for windows users


Correct Link:

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Thanks for you feedback and excellent suggestions.

This forum is very new, and we haven't moved all our old mailing lists here yet, so it will get a lot easier to find.

Thanks @offerpopje. The broken download link was a typo, I've fixed it.

It's on the todo list for the windows installer on the way to Plone5. It will be there :wink: