Failure after buildout

I've installed a standalone Plone 5.1. Because I need to add an enviroment Variable (PLONE_CSRF_DISABLED = True to buildout.cfg) it is nessocary to rebuild it. After rebuilding I'm getting the following error in fg mode, when I try to access the Website:
Traceback (innermost last):
Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 127, in publish
Module ZPublisher.BaseRequest, line 607, in traverse
Module Products.PluggableAuthService.PluggableAuthService, line 244, in validate
Module Products.PluggableAuthService.PluggableAuthService, line 605, in _extractUserIds
Module Products.ExternalMethod.ExternalMethod, line 219, in call
RuntimeError: external method could not be called because it is None

Does anybody have any ideas?

I have no good idea why there is an External Method and why it is broken. Since this is nothing from standard Plone I know, I guess its specific to your setup. Here more information is necessary.

You do not need to run buildout to disable CSRF protection (I know, too late now).
In your shell or startup environment set the PLONE_CSRF_DISABLED=true, like:

PLONE_CSRF_DISABLED=true ./bin/instance start

It's no problem to rebuild. Is there any way to put it into a file, so it'll be set durig autostart?

Your instance is trying to access an external pythonscript. Check /src/Extensions
Go to the ZMI and check if it may have to be relinked. You'll see a "broken" externalmethod icon.


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Yes, all OS startup-systems I know are supporting setting of environment variables prior to start. How excacly depends on your system/startup. If you're just symlinking instance to /etc/init.d/ you need to replace that with an own rc script or better switch to supervisor or similar. With supervisor environment variables are supported. Same with systemd, which is also well suited to startup Zope/Plone.

On Windows I am a bit rusty, so you better ask a different person.

Thanks a lot, it works

What did you do to make it work? It may help others...