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Hello, Every 01!
Our website should open all external links in a new tab, I think I saw this feature in older Plone versions, we're using 6.x and I was wondering if this feature is hidden somewhere.

You can set external_links_open_new_window of plone.base.interfaces.controlpanel.ILinkSchema to True

from zope.component import getSiteManager

from plone.registry.interfaces import IRegistry
registry = getSiteManager(app['Plone']).getUtility(IRegistry)
from plone.base.interfaces.controlpanel import ILinkSchema
settings = registry.forInterface(ILinkSchema, check=False, prefix='plone.')
settings.external_links_open_new_window = True  # Open external links in new a window

or direct in the "Configuration Registry":

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It's in "Theming Controlpanel" -> "Advanced Settings" -> "Theme base"

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OMG Thanks!