Export content of plone installation

Hi there,

I have these Plone 4 sites I need to export to another CMS and I need some kind of way to get the content of the Plone sites.
I have ssh access to the installation and administrator access but coming from a PHP background I struggle a lot to find how to export content, it seems Plone use files as database, instead of MySQL.

I tried to install module like collective.disqus putting it in the buildout.cfg but it doesn't appear in the module in the administration. I also tried easy_install collective.jsonify

Could someone help me ?

The current tool of choice for that would be plone.restapi:

The installation instructions are pretty clear. You have to install collective.jsonify as an external method.
Neither the documentation nor the docs indicate anything that this add-on would/should show up in the add-on control panel.