Event recurrence leadimage

I'm working on a view that will be email weekly with all the events starting within the next 7 days (as well as news items published in the last 7 days). I had created the view as a pt thru the browser but because of recurrence I had to rewrite it as a view.
New View- York Weekly
old zpt- York Weekly

the problem I have is that I want to show the leadimage of the events that have one, but I can figure out how to check if the event has one in expand_events. when I was calling the catalog directly I was using the hasImage meta as a condition to display the img tag, but that does not work with the plone.app.event.base.

class WeeklyUpdate(BrowserView):

    def events(self):
        portal_catalog = api.portal.get_tool('portal_catalog')
        # current_path = "/".join(self.context.getPhysicalPath())
        brains = portal_catalog(portal_type=('Event', 'ATEvent'),
                                expires={'query': localized_now(), 'range': 'min'},
                                effective={'query': localized_now(), 'range': 'max'},
                                start={'query': (datetime.today(), datetime.today() + timedelta(days=7)),
                                       'range': 'min:max'},
        result = []
        for acc in expand_events(brains,
                                 end=datetime.today() + timedelta(7),
            start_long = self.context.toLocalizedTime(acc.start, long_format=1)
            start_short = self.context.toLocalizedTime(acc.start, long_format=0)
            end_long = self.context.toLocalizedTime(acc.end, long_format=1)
            end_short = self.context.toLocalizedTime(acc.end, long_format=0)
            if start_long.endswith('12:00 AM'):
                start = start_short
                start = start_long
            if end_long.endswith('12:00 AM'):
                end = end_short
                end = end_long
            if start_short == end_short:
                start = start
                start = start + ' - ' + end
            image = acc.url + '/@@images/image/mini'
                'url': acc.url,
                'title': acc.title,
                'description': acc.description,
                'location': acc.location,
                'image': image,
                'start': start, })
        return result