Event: It is time to talk

How we can improve our documentation?

Let's come together for one day/evening and brainstorm about possible improvements and/or changes.

More info on coactivate.

Nice idea, I'll try to organize myself to be there.

We did some updates on coactivate.

Please make sure to register !

One idea that came into mind just today (and propably is already addressed somewhere): a brief documentation for end users on how Plone 5 UI changes from Plone 4.3 (or earlier). This means stuff like:

  • Introducing the new edit bar
  • How to edit page (with images comparing old and new way)
  • How to access folder contents
  • How to add content

That's about it. Of course one could list tons of stuff about what changes, but in this case only the key differences would be highlighted.

Yes, this is already on the 'todo' list for Plone 5 :smile:

Update is here:


One thing I'd like to see is a continuous funnelweb task to import the docs
to Plone.
See https://github.com/plone/plone.api/issues/25#issuecomment-9473124

This would be good for dogfooding, Google juice, future integration with
intranet knowledge-building functionality ...