Event date problem since 2021

I am running an old PLONE 4.3 site. Since (seemingly) the beginning of 2021 I see the following issue. I can create an event with date e.g. 25-Jan-2021 just find. It is perfectly saved under that date.

However, when I edit the same event, I see the the suggestion 31-Dec-2020 in the "start event" and "end event" entry. And, of course, when simply pressing SAVE, it saves the event under that (wrong) date.

Needless to say that this is very disturbing.
How can I convince Plone that it should not change the date?
Maybe it has something to do with how Plone suggests a date. Can I extend that setting to something beyond end of 2020?

edit Products/Archetypes/browser/datecomponents.py and change
PLONE_CEILING = DateTime(2021, 0) # 2051-12-31
PLONE_CEILING = DateTime(2051, 0) # 2051-12-31

then restart the zeo clients.

Maybe @mauritsvanrees can do something?

I think you will also have to make the same change in plone/app/form/widgets/datecomponents.py

I have the same Problem in a old Plone Instance, but did not time to investigate the problem, yet.

There is a patch for old plones that fixes exactly that problem: https://pypi.org/project/c2.patch.plone4year2021

thanks to @terapyon :wink:

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I've only changed buildout-cache/eggs/plone.app.form-2.2.2-py2.7.egg/plone/app/form/widgets/datecomponents.py. I have no folder Products/Archetypes.

Thank you.

In the past few months I have made several releases of Products.Archetypes and plone.app.form to fix this, also for older no longer supported Plone versions. I don't know if we caught all places and branches. I have not yet seen the problem myself, also in 4.3 sites.

If someone makes a PR I am happy to do another release where needed.

See Archetypes issue 133 for some links and versions.