Error in "travis" when correcting errors in collective.cover

Hello, I am new to Plone and more in the community, I request support to be able to incorporate my corrections to "collective.cover", I have already solved some "issues" before and none had generated errors in "travis",
I leave the PR that generates the solution:
PR that solves but generates errors in travis

Note: in my local environment, the tests run correctly by adding the following environment variables:
export ZSERVER_PORT = 55001
export LISTENER_HOST = 49999

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Since about a year, uses a random free port for starting a test Plone server. This was done to avoid errors when parallel test runs would try to start a server on the same port.

collective.cover hardcodes port 55001. That is understandable, because this used to be the default.

I guess the way forward would be to rewrite the collective.cover tests to not use the hardcoded port.

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thank you seriously. I will review this issue to request a change so that the requested port is based on the port opened by the robot