Enhanced folder summary view of dexterity contents

Hello. I am not sure I am posting in the most appropriate section.
I am quite new to Plone, but I have managed to work with it for a few months (Plone 5).
I am developing a website intended for a scientific community which will be invited to contribute to the website content. For this reason I want to make content creation as straightforward as possible.

I have created a Dexterity content type "Scattering Database" and an associated mosaic view.
Some examples of this content can be seen here
The folder containing them has a restriction rule to allow just Scattering Database content type and I have assigned it to display a summary view.

I would like to modify this summary view of the folder in order to allow a quick look of some of fields of each database.
Basically instead of displaying
Title, Lead Image, Summary
I would like it to show
Title, Lead Image, frequencies, particle_sizes

is there any way to do it without too much effort? Possibly TTW?
Thanks a lot for your help

Hi and welcome to Plone :slight_smile:

Did you already take a look at the Plone Training docs for customizing existing templates?

I saw the training. Unfortunately I have no previous experience with html, css and other web languages. I have a quite robust experience with python, but I guess that does not help too much in this context.
I was looking for some straightforward way to manage view of listed content as mosaic provide an easy and accessible way to modify view of single elements.
But I understand that I have to go through the hard way to do that.

Thanks again


Does anyone know if

works in Plone 5 ?

(if it does, it might be what you need)

We haven't upgraded it yet.
This might happen. However be aware that @mikkohu is working on a GSOC project which aims to replace this with a mosaic based custom listing and search feature that will be even better.

Both seems to address my issue.
However listing as djay said listingviews has not been ported and it also seems that the it is not actively developed on github
I will look forward to test mikko's gsoc project.
In the meantime... I will do my best to solve it the hard way

Thanks a lot for your suggestions

Thanks again to everybody for the useful suggestions.

Unfortunately I was not able to follow the .pt modification as suggested by the training in https://training.plone.org/5/mastering_plone/zpt_2.html since I was not able to locate the files and the folders the training is referring to. The correspondence between the training filesystem and my buildout-cache is a little bit confusing and I decided not to touch it.
It seems every day I am using Plone I better understand how much ignorant I am :slight_smile:

As a workaround I started modifying the templates under portal_view_customization in the ZMI obtaining nice results.
The ZMI warns me about using that tool, but at the moment, this is my best solution

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