Enabling/disabling user folders depending on groups

At .../@@security-controlpanel, it is possible to enable user folders: hence home folders where users can create content will be created when they log in.

But this is a global switch. Is is possible:

  • to enable user folders for users of some given groups,
  • to disable user folders for users of some other groups?

By default this is not possible.

But you can define an own portal-type for the Member-Folder, configure it as the member folder and give this folder an own workflow with specific permissions for a to be created new role. Give the enabled groups this new role.
Afterwards all members will get a Member-Folder, but only those in the groups(s) with the new role can access them.

This is all just some XML configuration in your profile: Types, Workflows, Rolemap and the settings for the member-folder type. Even through the web this might be doable (not sure about the new role).

One last thing: Member-Folders are created at the first login. Existing Members would not get the new one. There a migration step would be needed.

A reasonable feature request?

OK, thanks. Sigh... a bit complicated for me :slight_smile: