Embedding libraries

In this we can discuss how to embed different libraries in plone themes

What does this mean?

Like while creating new themes in plone , so while creating them if we want to embed libraries like jQuery or any other ,here we can talk about that .
If anyone faces any problem regarding that we can discuss here

@hardy1334 ah you mean including your own javascript libraries in a plone theme or plugin?
Note in Plone there are python libraries on the backend too.

Does this not help you? https://docs.plone.org/adapt-and-extend/theming/resourceregistry.html

Admittedly the name is confusing and the title should be more end user focused 'including custom javascript".

yeah, i got u , i will take care of it in near future

Hello everyone!!!
I'm beginner in plone and I'm finding difficulty in adding bootstrap files while creating a new theme,I have gone through https://docs.plone.org/adapt-and-extend/theming/resourceregistry.html#bundles-compiling-bundles but still not clearly able to figure out how to add those files in it,
If someone can help, it will be great

@hardy1334 I think you will need to give more detail on what you have tried and how it went wrong for anyone to help.

I have added the name of the particular library which I want to get in build-out.cfg and after that I restarted my server but nothing changed

I guess that what @djay was thinking was more along the line of providing a cut & paste of the relevant part of the buildout and a cust & paste of the buildout log. When you are asked for detail, try to provide some :slight_smile:
And don't use screenshots it tends to put some people off.

Unless I misunderstand you:

This is a very wrong approach. When it comes to 'theming', I dont think you should add 'libraries' to buildout.

I would do one of these:

a) just load the css and js from a cdn ( https://getbootstrap.com/docs/3.3/getting-started/ )
b) download the files and put them in my theme

Thanks for helping and I will try with it