EEA Daviz, Google Charts and separators


I wonder if someone here could help me with

We are trying out Daviz to see if it works in visualizing our univeristys statistical data.

The tool seems to be overwhelmingly powerful, with lots and lots of features. One big issue we are having is with separators and data formats. We have looked at the tutorial videos but managed to miss the answer from there.

The problem is that in Finland numbers like 4,000 should be 4000 or 4 000. We can change the chart format separately in every chart. But is there a way to set default separators site wide, so that decimals are separated with , and thousands are separated with space?



@rioksane hi be aware that Daviz is not a product shipped with Plone, it is built by EEA and contribution by plone community.
The right place to post question and seek support about Daviz is to use the dedicated daviz google group

There are already some answers about this although not recent.
see also

I propose you repost your question there.


Thanks @demarant, those links are helpful!