Edit Events listing parameters

The Events tab isn't showing any listings in my Plone 4.x. Yesterday I edited the Events listing to show internally published events, as well as published, and one or two other, to try correct this to no avail. Today I am trying to find where I edited the Events and I can't turn up that dialog, and google returns listings regarding "events handlers" and that sort. Could someone please point me back to the place where I can edit the Events listing parameters? I was sure it was in site setup but I scoured there and couldn't find a place to edit the Events listing parameters.
Thank you.

"news" and "events" usually contain a "Collection" object responsible for the folders "default view". Thus, changing this "Collection"'s parameters influences the typical view.

Hello Deiter,
Thank you for your reply. It was not quite what I was looking for. The dialog I was looking for had only a few options for narrowing the items that the events collection returned. I found the collection parameters under the event "edit" tab. I looked at the event folder edit tab first and found nothing to edit and panicked. I am still wondering where I found the other event parameters edit listing. I thought it was in site setup. Regardless, I was able to achieve what I set out to, Thanks again.

There is also the calender portlet with similar parameters. Maybe, you have seen them there?