DX Best practice: Text Field with simple formatting?

In a behavior I need (a couple of times) a simple text field (like the description field):

  • where the output is transformed to HTML
  • in a way known as "intelligenttext" (keep linebreaks as<br>)
  • so that I do not need to bloat my view logic (yes, with that it's easy)
  • make URLs to links

How would you achieve this? My current solutions are working, but are really code-bloating. And I have plenty such fields in my forms.

Can you use a custom widget and then just transform

for the output widget ?

Well, figure out that the following should do what I want:

weiterbildende_kurse = RichText(
    title=u'Weiterbildende Kurse',
    allowed_mime_types=('text/x-web-intelligent', ),

The problem: It still loads TinyMCE, even if the text/html is not in the input. This is complete nonsense, shall I consider this a bug?

Is there any point in using RichText ?
What about using schema.Text ?

RichText has the nice transform thing, Text doesn't have.