Doubts about and relatedItems

I added one Page, and one Image. Then edit the Page and add the Image as relatedItem.
When I try to delete the image should display a warning or something to stop me on this action, right?

Well in my tests I could delete the related item with archetypes and dexterity content type.

Already checked @@editing-controlpanel and the integrity check is activated. Also tryied to visit @@updateLinkIntegrityInformation and updated the integrity information before delete the content.

Anyone can point me please if it is all right like this?


link integrity is for links in content on the page, not related items. At least I never noticed it working with related items--never tried.

hi @vangheem did you look this test? I think it is trying to assert this check..

I added one stack overflow question about it

It seems sensible for integrators to add breaches they want beyond what ships OOTB in IObjectRemovedEvent handlers. I do this for some custom kinds of relationships between objects in my projects.


I addressed this issue in:

With that PR, any zc.relation based reference is checked in the `delete_confirmation_info``.