Does the issue tracker need a generic "UX" label?

I've submitted two new UX bugs but I'm not sure how to label them as the available UX labels don't quite fit.
Perhaps there should be a standalone "UX" label.

Here are the bugs for your reference:

One more that probably should have the "UX" label

@pigeonflight Anything related to the theme is a integrator/themer issue. That includes calendar issues. The reason being is that most people don't use the theme "as is" and therefore its left to the themer make those aspects of the site easy for the visitors.

I disagree with creating a generic UX label as I think its important to understand "who" you are aiming to make it easier for,

The toolbar issue is a "UX editor" issue as they are the ones (or role) adding content.

I get the UX editor for the toolbar. I don't get the UX integrator/themer for the calendar issue, perhaps there should be something like UX site user or something like that for things that affect the general experience of all site users (whether editor, admin or anonymous).

A CMS is designed to be customised. Basically a themers job is to make good UX for the visitor. Plones job is to make a UX which makes it easy the themer to make good UX.

I would say that if your intention is to create a site that makes use of the calendar, and the calendar is not clear then its theming issue to make that calender clearer. Either you add your own css or diazo to make the calendar clearer, or if you as a themer decide use barcelonetta as is, a change could be made to bacelonetta to help make a themers job easier. Therefore I think the users most affected at themers.

We could have a "UX visitor" maybe but I don't think it would be used much. I wouldn't call it site users as thats far too generic. The idea behind those labels is to say who is the user most affected by an issue. Saying all site users defeats the purpose.

To me those affected should be those who interact with a particular part of the out of the box/barceloneta experience, this is why the UX integrator/Themer label for the calendar throws me off. I actually thought that the UX integrator/Themer label referred to parts of the interface that a themer interacts with such as @@theming-controlpanel.

Try these sentences:

An Editor can interact with the toolbar
A Site Visitor can interact with the calendar
A Themer can interact with the theming control panel

Based on your feedback the model I'm carrying in my head doesn't align with the intention of the UX labels.
But I wonder if the UX labels shouldn't be reviewed/refined. That could just be my knee jerk reaction to missing the intentions.

You are equating UX with UI. UX is the whole experience, not just a web page or computer screen.
The things a themer interacts with are base theme, builtin css, plone apis, plone tutorials and documentation etc etc. In fact many themers and integrators never touch the theming control panel.

Would it make it clearer if the labels were?

  • Most affected user: Editor
  • Most affected user: Site admin
  • Most affected user: Customiser